Webinar Replay: Win-Loss-No Decision Analysis at Scale

Make Invisible Revenue Problems Visible to Win More Deals

Your buyers say that 36 percent of deals marked as “lost” by your sales teams could have been won.

They most often cite a misstep in the sales process as the top reason they abandon the deal— more than price or product features.

Sellers will usually attribute a lost deal to factors outside of the sales process or their control. But buyers clearly disagree. What if you could tap into those hidden buyer perceptions, and use those insights to win more deals—and keep more customers?

In this webcast with Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions, and Ken Allred, founder and CEO at Primary Intelligence, the leading provider of automated win-loss analysis, you’ll discover an innovative approach to:

  • Make invisible revenue problems visible by using automated win-loss-no decision analysis at speed and at scale.
  • Identify potential problems and missed opportunities quickly, then make and monitor adjustments in messaging, products, process, and sales engagement.
  • Provide meaningful, specific coaching tailored to each of your reps based on actual buyer feedback and in the flow of work.

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