Webinar Replay: Situational Sales Enablement – From Just-In-Case to Just-In-Time

How well can your sellers respond to situations they can’t plan for?

When your revenue (and their quota) is on the line, your reps can’t depend on a calendared, “just-in-case” training plan.

Responding quickly to each buyer’s specific needs and situation requires a faster, more flexible approach to training and enablement. You need to provide relevant messages, content, and skills to enable sellers in the flow of work—when they need it, not just when L&D decides to schedule it.

How can you give your reps exactly what they need, precisely when they need it?

In this webinar with Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions, and Steve Hallowell, Vice President of Strategic Enablement Services at Highspot, you’ll learn how to enable your sellers to respond with speed and precision, no matter what obstacles or opportunities come their way.

  • Ditch your training calendar and embrace a more flexible approach to training and enablement.
  • Build situational fluency by providing contextual messages, relevant conversation skills, and needs-based content.
  • Respond in the moment with tailored feedback, situational coaching, and micro-learning content in the flow of work.

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