Solution Brief: Expand Success Skills

It seems like a simple plan: if you improve your customers’ usage of your product over the life of the contract, you should be able to drive renewals and expansion. And like many organizations, you may have invested in a customer success software platform to gain visibility into usage, track interactions, resolve problems, and understand your relationship health.

But evolving customer partnerships is about more than if and how your customers use your product. It’s also about how it’s driving business value in their organization – and how you communicate that value over the course of your relationship. Without anchoring your relationship in how your customer perceives your value, you and your sales partners may be fighting uphill battles at renewal time. Or worse—watching your churn rates skyrocket.

With Expand Success skills training from Corporate Visions, your customer success teams will learn research-backed message frameworks and conversation skills they need to keep and grow the customer relationship.

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