Solution Brief: High-Velocity Sales Conversation Skills

If you’re selling in high-volume, high-velocity transactional situations, there’s lots of pressure to close the deal in a one- or two-call sales cycle. And as more companies focus on the SMB market where there are fewer decision makers, many inside sellers will depend on a short sale cycle to close the deal to make their number.

You have precious little time to run through the complex sales process your company may teach on the enterprise side in this environment. These deals often depend on a single decision maker—an owner, president, or sole proprietor who approves the deal (or not). You don’t need to be a trusted advisor—you need to motivate buyers to act quickly while fully articulating a differentiated value proposition.

With High-Velocity sales skills training from Corporate Visions, your inside sellers will learn Decision Science-backed techniques and message frameworks to motivate faster, more favorable buying decisions.

Each course can be delivered online or in-person, and features digital workbooks and assets, frameworks and templates to guide application, and access to post-workshop reinforcement.

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