Webinar: If the Majority Agrees, Does That Make It Right?

When you look at the buyer’s journey – which areas do you think:

  • Have greatest impact on growth?
  • Deserve the most investment?
  • Need the most improvement to drive growth?

We got responses from more than 300 marketing and sales people across nearly as many companies. From Demand Gen to Proposals and Negotiations, and on to Renewals, Prices Increases and Upsells.

They told us what they believe is most important, where they invest and where they need improvement. How would that compare to what you think and are doing? Join Tim Riesterer as he:

  • Reviews the results and compares to what you may be thinking
  • Identifies potential blindspots and quantifies the missed opportunities
  • Provides insights into how to address these blindspots and get new growth

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