Webinar: How to make remote sales presentations more memorable

75% of ALL sales calls are now conducted over the phone or the web. The stakes are high in these remote selling situations—Your sales presentations need to grab and hold your buyers’ attention, cut through distractions, and inspire future action.

There’s just one big obstacle in your way: Most people will forget up to 90% of what you show them within 48 hours. Worse yet, the little they do remember is completely random.

When you’re not there in-person, your presentation deck has to do all the heavy lifting. Will your PPT overcome the stimulation threshold? Will your buyers remember what you want them to remember?

Watch the replay to discover the science behind highly memorable sales presentations. You’ll learn how people pay attention, remember content, and ultimately act on it. And you’ll walk away with practical guidelines, backed by brain science, so you can create and deliver highly memorable presentations with lasting impact.

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