Webinar: The Launch Linchpin with PMC & Pragmatic

The Launch Linchpin with PMC & Pragmatic


You can do everything right as a product marketing leader to develop the right solution. But, the one thing connecting everything you do to a customer saying “yes” is your salespeople. 

The linchpin of every successful product launch is a combination of compelling messaging and remarkable messengers. You need to craft a story that resonates with your buyers and equips your sales team with the skills, content, and fluency needed to deliver it in customer conversations that win.

Watch the replay where Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions, Dave Daniels, VP of Customer Success at Pragmatic Institute, and Rowan Noronha, Head of Product Marketing at Cognizant, share tested and proven approaches to:

  • Sales Messaging – Tailor your approach to the psychology behind acquiring new buyers and expanding existing customers.
  • Content Assets – Differentiate your new solution story from everyone else while also driving greater purchase intention.
  • Fluency Coaching – Ensure your salespeople have the skills and the demonstrated proficiency to deliver your new story.

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