Webinar: The Science of Selling: Data Driven Strategies to Acquire and Expand Customer Relationships

Almost two-thirds of companies see no need to differentiate their sales message between customer acquisition versus customer expansion.

But new research proves that the buying psychology in these two situations is 180 degrees different. To win more deals from both new and existing customers, you need to enable your team with science-backed sales messages and data-driven insights.

In this webinar replay with HG Insights’ Justin Kitagawa and Corporate Visions’ Tim Riesterer, you’ll go beyond so-called “best practices” and learn how to:

  • Use Technology Intelligence to improve how you acquire and expand customer relationships
  • Understand the psychological differences between current and prospective customers
  • Deliver the most effective message for every stage of the customer lifecycle
  • Prioritize, personalize, and automate your outreach

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