Is Your Sales Kick-off “In Context”?

By Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer

November 16, 2017

Sales Kick Off Meeting: How to Put Your Sales Kick Off in Context

Getting your sales team fired up and ready to win is the goal of every sales kick-off. Why, then, does it seem like every year ends up as the same set of product-based breakouts where your salespeople learn all about what they’re selling, but not how to actually sell them across the range of scenarios they face?

It’s time to put your sales meeting kickoff theme in context. That means addressing the many different types of selling situations your salespeople face, and giving them the right messages, content and skills to meet the distinct requirements those situations present. The eBook we link to below, Putting Your Sales Kick-off In Context, shows you how to create situational training experiences for four critical selling situations that take place across the buyer’s journey.

Learn what skills and techniques you need to address in training breakouts for when your salespeople need to:

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