Why Your Sales Kick-Off Needs a Shake-Up

By Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer

September 17, 2018

Sales Summit & Stragegy Meeting Agenda Ideas: How to Shake it Up!

The sales kick-off needs to hit the reset button. Why? Because too many kick-offs get bogged down by product knowledge breakouts (information) while failing to deliver the very thing the event was supposed to inspire (behavior change, i.e. transformation). An over-reliance on product presentations hurts the kick-off format because these sessions often come at the expense of more customer-centric activities, including practice and coaching, that drive more energy and better performance out of the gates.

Re-imagining your kick-off event really comes down to answering this two-part question: How do you launch strategic growth initiatives, while also energizing your teams to change the necessary behaviors to activate those programs?

It starts with basing your kick-off not on product enablement, but on better customer conversation enablement. This is the actual engagement (story and skills) your sales teams need to master to move the buyer from status quo to interested to yes!

So, how does learning and practicing new stories and skills drive faster, better performance than product knowledge breakouts and buyer persona training?

It starts with helping sellers understand the science of decision making and what excites buyers. It moves to demonstrating new stories based on the science of how buyers frame value and make choices. It then pivots to the new storytelling skills required to deliver these distinctive customer conversations. And it finishes with observable practice and effective sales coaching, along with follow-on activities for demonstrated proficiency—all designed to drive sustained impact in the field, long after your event concludes.

This eBook provides more detail for each of these steps and gives you a better agenda for enabling a more transformative sales kick-off—before, during and after your event.

It’s time to make your sales kick-off was it was always meant to be—i.e. the ideal venue in which to initiate business transformation. Discover the fundamentals of planning, staging, and building on a transformative sales kick-off event—one that will energize your reps and propel high performance in the field long after it’s over.

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