decision science meets the art of conversation

The number one concern we hear from commercial leaders right now is uncertainty about their ability to execute. In fact, only 45 percent of CEOs are confident in their team’s ability to execute on their growth strategy, according Sales Benchmark Index.

How do you close that confidence gap?

ditch so-called “best practices”

For years, sales organizations have relied on so-called “best practices” to increase confidence and improve execution. The problem is, best practices are based on opinions and guesswork—not science.

Our researchers rigorously study the hidden forces that motivate how and why people make decisions. It’s called decision science, and it combines the power of neuroscience, social psychology, and behavioral economics to explore the invisible forces that shape how human beings frame value and make choices.

When you replace guesswork with decision science, you can align your approach to the way your buyers actually make decisions. 

Tailor your approach image

tailor your approach

Buying decisions don’t follow a predictable, predetermined path or sales process. Your prospects and customers are asking weighty, specific questions as they decide to buy from you (or not).

We call these moments the Five Value Conversations. In each Value Conversation, you need to answer your buyer’s questions with tailored and persuasive messages, thought-provoking content, and research-backed skills to address the unique psychology and pressures within each of these critical moments.

enable every critical moment

You can’t plan for competitive moves, market changes, or global economic events, but they happen all the time. And when your revenue is on the line, you can’t wait six months or more to train and enable your organization to respond.

These urgent situations call for a faster, more flexible approach—one that doesn’t depend on a long-term, “just-in-case” plan. You need to rally your team with a winning message, skills training, and enablement content to respond just in time and in the flow of work.