A recent Corporate Visions survey found that respondents identified the opportunity creation conversation as having the highest impact on helping salespeople achieve quota.

Yet, the same survey found that only one in two salespeople believe they are prepared to deliver a compelling opportunity creation conversation after the lead hand-off.

To create a seamless hand-off between demand generation and sales, you need the right content for this tricky sales enablement phase. That’s because you likely still need to convince your buyer to make a change and leave their status quo.

If your sales enablement content is geared for the “you versus them” conversation (“why you”), instead of the “why change” conversation, you may be giving your salespeople the wrong content for the wrong phase of the buying cycle.

For that first meeting, your salespeople need to lead a conversation that’s engaging, memorable and delivered with an eye to creating opportunity. Our Power Playbooks help your salespeople prepare to create urgency around a buyer’s status quo situation, while showing how your solution is uniquely qualified to resolve those risks.

Our Point of View Whiteboards empower your salespeople with a presentation that’s dynamically assembled in front of prospects. This tool addresses the “why change” conversation by connecting the dots between lead hand-off and the first meeting. A visually dynamic tool, our point of view whiteboards give you a specific choreography that takes prospects from a provocative insight to your solution.

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