Differentiation Strategies: Creating a Value Proposition Marketing Strategy

Use a Differentiation Strategy to Create Value™ Propositions that Disrupt the Status Quo of Your Prospects

Your prospects prefer to do nothing because they think that’s safer than change. This makes it difficult to dislodge incumbents, build your pipeline, and keep deals moving along. You need to improve your differentiation strategy to build and tell a story that reverses that perception. Show prospects that doing nothing puts them at risk and that change is the safer and better path forward.

Overcome buyer inaction and differentiate your solutions.

To improve value communication, your marketers and salespeople need to go beyond the typical value proposition and bring a disruption-minded story to life with differentiation strategies rooted in decision science and backed by a tested and proven methodology. When you engage in Create ValueTM Conversations, you’ll have what it takes to deliver the two-part story needed to defeat the status quo bias and create a differentiation strategy to highlight your solutions: Why Change and Why You.

You start sounding a lot like everybody else when your marketing messaging responds only to the identified needs your prospects tell you they have. Why? Because your competition creates value propositions using the exact same customer inputs and offers up similar solutions in response. The result is a same-sounding, undifferentiated story that leaves your prospects indecisive and without the urgency to do something different. They end up sticking with their status quo. And why shouldn’t they if you fail to tell them something they don’t already know?

With Customer Acquisition MessagingTM, you’ll participate in a swift, clearly defined, expertly facilitated message development process to create stories that inspire a buying vision that only you can help your prospects realize. Your engagement begins with a cross-functional workshop that brings together all your key message stakeholders to employ differentiation marketing strategies. Two days later, you’ll walk out with a sharp, differentiated message that disrupts your target prospect’s status quo through provocative insights, expert storytelling, and simple, concrete visuals. Best of all? You can start telling your new story almost immediately. You’ll have polished drafts in your hands within two weeks of your workshop and final versions a few weeks after that. With these marketing and sales-ready assets, you’ll create impact, consistency, and alignment in all your sales and demand gen efforts.

[Corporate Visions] was awesome. They helped us achieve cross-functional agreement on our messaging direction and made sure the team could support it with relevant business insights.

- Lynette Simmons, Director of Marketing, Intelsat

The main job of marketing and sales content is to move your prospect and customer along the buyer’s journey. But most content fails this basic litmus test in two ways: it’s neither distinctive or compelling enough to cause people to want to change. Nor is it different enough to create the necessary competitive separation.

Using a tested and proven methodology based on differentiation strategies, your Create ValueTM Content assets will follow a specific messaging choreography and visual storytelling philosophy to help prospects see the need to move from their current status quo approach and clearly understand the difference between you and your arch rival. The content containers may change—from email campaigns to demand gen videos to sales enablement assets—but the Corporate Visions’ underlying approach to writing and design will drive consistency meaning you move away from content that merely informs to content that incites. You’ll ensure your sales enablement and demand generation content is consistent in a way that helps early stage conversations more effectively convert leads to real opportunities.

The partnership with Corporate Visions has been very strategic, [helping] us detail the messaging templates. You need to have one integrated marketing message. Our one foundational message comes from the Conversation Roadmap. It’s one of the key things that’s come out of the process.

- Thierry van Herwijnen, Global Sales Enablement, Wipro

Disruption and a focused differentiation strategy are two of the most daunting sales and marketing challenges. The causes of status quo bias are real and well documented, which makes them formidable if you are not deliberately seeking to defeat them. You can’t beat status quo bias by trying to compare yourself to the competition or by using traditional value propositions. This conversation is premature because it overlooks one important selling truth: Just because a prospect has engaged with you doesn’t mean they’ve committed to making a change. That’s why so many deals end in sticking with the incumbent.

Only with Create ValueTM Skills can you give your sellers, coaches, and marketers the science-backed concepts and techniques to be remarkable in disrupting the status quo and creating a buying vision—inspiring prospects to change and choose you. These sales skills are also critical to expanding current customers into untapped areas of opportunity for your solutions. With a mixture of online and hands-on application-based learning and reinforcement, you can train your entire organization to engage prospects and customers to create more qualified pipeline and establish an unfair competitive advantage.

I’ve been through every [sales skills] training program that’s out there and I can honestly say the [Create Value Skills] approach and its potential benefit for a salesperson is by far superior to anything else.

- Bob Bladel, Director Sales Operations, Hyster-Yale Group

Effective sales coaching in today’s market needs to provide a more comprehensive approach to the forces that actually change reps’ behaviors in the field. That means a relentless focus on application, practice, coaching, and reinforcement

Only with Create Value™ Coaching do you get the most comprehensive and continuous approach to these coaching essentials—all supported by an array of coaching solutions to ensure the skills you invested in are getting adopted and applied in the field. Create Value™ Coaching includes manager coaching skills that turn your sales managers into Create Value™ field gurus, making them better coaches, leaders, and communicators. It includes Virtual Coach to help reinforce the skills and create lasting behavior changes; Fluency Coaching to ensure more observable practice, expert feedback, and demonstrated proficiency; and Deal Coaching to help you apply to Create Value™ Skills to must-win opportunities.


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