Sales Training Programs: How to Sell Value to C-Suite Executives

A Sales Training Program for Selling to C-Suite Executives

Unfortunately for c-level executive buyers (and sellers), relevant business conversations aren’t what they’re getting. While executives say 88 percent of salespeople are knowledgeable about their products and services, only 24 percent of sellers demonstrate a thorough understanding of their business issues. That kind of disconnect is a prescription for too many stalled deals at the proposal stage. Only sales training programs tailored to the needs of executives can help bridge that gap.

Build a business case to gain executive buy-in.

To Elevate Value™ in your conversations, you need to give buyers a compelling business reason to change now, and a meaningful business case to help them justify that decision. By partnering with Corporate Visions and our executive sales training programs, your team can get the messages, content, and skills rooted in decision science to tell a business impact story that connects your value to your executive buyers’ business initiatives. That means smarter, more justifiable proposals, faster closes, and fewer stuck deals.

If you think c-level executives and financial buyers are only moved by numbers, think again. To convince these buyers to decide instead of defer, you need to appeal to both parts of the decision-making brain—emotional/intuitive and rational/logical. In fact, Corporate Visions research reveals that executive buyers are significantly more willing to make a risky business decision, such as changing to a new vendor or a new approach, just by changing the way you frame the story.

By partnering with Corporate Visions for sales training programs, you’ll be at the forefront of the research to develop marketing messages for executive selling that get senior leaders to move deals forward, and move them forward now. You’ll reap the benefits of over 20 years working with senior executives to develop a business impact model that ensures your messages are meaningful to financial buyers who make final decisions in the majority of B2B purchases.

Our challenge was transitioning [our organization] from product to solution, and even to business outcomes. Corporate Visions was able to translate that into an entire program that really nailed it for us.

- Rica Lieberman, Director of Sales, Cisco

You usually get one chance to demonstrate business value to senior-level decision-makers. That means you need content that crisply articulates your business impact. With Elevate ValueTM Content, your marketers and salespeople get assets designed with senior leaders in mind. From executive access to business case presentations and proposal content, you’ll support conversations that align your solutions to important external conditions and your prospects’ business initiatives. That means you can help your organization build credibility and financially justify your solutions.

[Our] customer’s curiosity is piqued…The fact that we now have a higher-level conversation instead of a more product-oriented conversation is a dramatic difference.

- Gala Lyne, VP Global Sales Effectiveness, Rimini Street

Since only 24 percent of salespeople are seen as proficient in talking about senior-level business issues, there’s a huge opportunity to elevate your selling presence by demonstrating business and financial acumen with the right executive sales training program. Meanwhile, if you continue to fall short in this area, you could find yourself with stuck deals on your hands and executive sponsors delegating you down to someone you sound like.

With Elevate ValueTM Skills from Corporate Visions, you’ll improve your sellers’ business competence, conversational confidence, and ability to articulate compelling financial value. In addition to learning tested skills and competencies, your sellers get the opportunity to go toe-to-toe, practicing with actual c-level executives—each one of whom has made millions of dollars-worth of purchase decisions for their renowned companies. So you’ll learn directly from actual executive buyers who’ve made investment decisions, not just training instructors teaching tips and tricks from when they sold. Flexible onsite and online options for learning, practice, coaching, and reinforcement mean you can accelerate adoption and ensure the new skills get used in the field.

[Our] latest study shows $543M of revenue in pipeline that we’ve been generating from people that have gone through the [Elevate Value Skills] program and then applied the learning.

- David Jenkins, Global Program Owner - Financial Selling Portfolio, IBM Corporation

For coaching to make an impact today, it needs to provide a more comprehensive approach to the forces that actually change reps’ behaviors in the field. That means a relentless focus on application, practice, coaching, and reinforcement

Only with Elevate Value™ Coaching do you get the most comprehensive and continuous approach to these coaching essentials—all supported by an array of coaching solutions to ensure the skills you invested in get adopted and applied in the field. Elevate Value™ Coaching includes manager coaching skills that turn your sales managers into Elevate Value™ field gurus, making them better coaches, leaders, and communicators. It includes Virtual Coach to help reinforce the skills and create lasting behavior changes; Fluency Coaching to ensure more observable practice, expert feedback, and demonstrated proficiency; and Deal Coaching to help you apply Elevate Value™ Skills to must-win opportunities.


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