If you base your messaging on what your customers are telling you their needs are, you’re more likely to respond to those known needs with a set of expected capabilities.

The problem with creating messaging in this way is that you’re going to be delivering commodity messages that won’t differentiate you. Why? Because your competitors are most likely relying on the exact same inputs from prospects and customers. And more often than not, you’re all responding with similar offerings.

The fallout from this kind of commodity messaging is that your prospects will see little difference between your solution and their current approach. They’ll become indecisive and see no compelling reason to leave their status quo.

Through our unique messaging development approach called Power Positioning, you’ll avoid the commodity messages that cause you to respond to stated needs with expected capabilities. Our approach allows you to develop content that creates the buying vision— showing your prospects a pathway to change, and giving them the urgency to do it now.

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