Mastering Remote Selling

Mastering Remote Selling
Mastering Remote Selling

develop and deliver highly effective virtual sales presentations

Virtual sales are now vital to most organizations. A 2017 study by Inside Sales (now Xant) found that 70 percent of all sales conversations were already happening in virtual settings. The remaining 30 percent were in-person, must-win sales conversations with senior decision-makers.

Now that all sales are happening virtually, sales reps need to figure out how to adapt their presentations and delivery for this new reality.

Your sellers are used to being in front of the room, controlling the interaction. Suddenly, their presence is reduced to the size of a postage stamp, and relegated to the corner of the prospect’s screen. Maybe that’s why 70 percent of sales reps don’t believe that virtual selling can be as effective as in-person.

Despite the fact that virtual selling is the most common sales model, it’s also the most challenging for sellers. And, it’s also the least enabled.

the Mastering Remote Selling training program

In Corporate Visions’ Mastering Remote Selling training program, your sellers will learn how to overcome distractions, promote buyer interaction, and make their online sales presentations engaging and memorable.

During this course, your sellers will learn how to create and deliver better virtual presentations in two ways.

build the right story

A presentation that was designed to be delivered in person simply won’t work as well in an online web conference. To break through distractions and hold your audience’s attention, you need to build a presentation that’s both engaging and memorable.

tell it the right way

During online meetings, participants tend to multi-task, which results in very little interaction, making it more difficult to build relationships. To combat this, you need to adapt your story, using science-backed techniques to build interaction and rapport with your buyers.

access to SlideClub®

With SlideClub®—a slide subscription service that combines brain science and high-end aesthetics—you get access to a continually updated library of professionally-designed slides for your sales presentations.

The most valuable piece of real estate in the world is a corner of someone's mind. Are you in it?

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science-backed sales training for virtual sales calls

With Corporate Visions’ Mastering Remote Selling training program, your reps will learn science-backed skills and techniques to grab and hold your buyers’ attention, make sure they remember your most important message, and persuade them to take decisive action, even if you’re not there in person.

Mastering Remote Selling follows our scientifically tested training models for online, on-demand learning and ongoing fluency coaching to apply new competencies and develop proficiency.