71% say the top selling concern is the ability to articulate value in the customer conversation.


When everything else appears to be the same, the best stories told the best will win every time

You can do everything right as a company. You can build the right products, invest in the top talent, choose the right strategies, launch the best marketing campaigns.

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But standing between you, and your customer saying “yes” to buying what you sell, are your great customer conversations—essentially, your salespeople with their lips moving in front of prospects and customers. That’s ultimately what the success of your best decisions depends upon.

Analyst firm Sirius Decisions found that the #1 reason companies fail to hit their revenue targets comes down to the ability or inability of your reps to articulate value. In fact, 71 percent of respondents said that value conversations are more important than more leads, better products, better process and better technology.

So ask yourself: How comfortable are you in your team’s ability to articulate value and win the decisions you deserve?

Making sure that great conversations happen on purpose, instead of by accident, is a companywide effort involving products, marketing and sales teams. That’s because it takes three things to have a winning conversation.

You first have to develop the messages to break the status quo and differentiate your solution. You then need to deploy those messages in tools that generate demand and equip salespeople to succeed. And finally, you need to give your salespeople the skills to use those messages and tools to deliver conversations that win.

At most companies, these activities are performed in silos. Only Corporate Visions has integrated the three key components of a great conversation—messages, content and skills—into a system that aligns marketing, products and sales teams in a common effort to improve your ability as a company to articulate value.

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