Improving Your Asset and Message Quality Through Smarter Automation

It’s the Holy Grail for every sales & marketing pro: All of your best enablement assets in a single location—brilliantly organized, universally accessible, and customizable for any customer interaction.

Thanks to technological advances like machine learning and predictive analytics, this vision is closer to reality than ever before. But organizations still struggle with the fundamentals. How do you get started? How do you decide which assets to include, and most importantly, how do you keep your system from becoming a dumping ground where great assets go to die?

In this webinar featuring Jason Keever, VP of Europe, Seismic, and Leslie Talbot, VP of Customer & Commercial Excellence, Corporate Visions, you’ll learn how to sidestep these pitfalls and jump-start your automation projects, including:

  • How to bridge the sales & marketing divide by organizing your messages and content neatly around your buyer’s psychology
  • How to ratchet up your quality by ensuring every piece of content is as effective as it should be and targeted to the right buyer
  • How to keep your content fresh and relevant as business and customer needs evolve over time

View Webinar Slides: What About the Content? Improving Your Asset and Message Quality Through Smarter Automation