What Gets Executive Buyers To Act Now?

By Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer

November 3, 2017

how to sell to c level executives

Stalled proposals and lost deals are arguably a value communication problem—one that stems from an inability to understand how to sell to c level executives by creating enough urgency, and showing enough business impact to make a decision now.

So what kind of message is most effective in this pivotal “why now” moment—when you need to deliver a message that’s able to justify a decision? In other words, how do you make an impression with executive and financial buyers who might not care so much how your products and services work, but want to know how you can drive business value?

These are the questions addressed in our latest State of the Conversation Report. And make no mistake: These are important questions, given that 80 percent of your deals require a VP- or higher-level signoff, according to analyst data.

In the report, you’ll learn what type of story is most effective at moving executive-level buyers to act now—to decide instead of defer.

The best part? You’ll also get brand new academic research that aims to better understand the factors that move executives to action. You’ll learn about a “why now” messaging framework that’s tested and proven by the research to help you make the biggest impact in this key moment.

Get your copy of the report.