Sales Coaching Programs for Ongoing Reinforcement

To be effective, sales coaching needs go beyond just providing accountability and feedback. You need to take a comprehensive approach to motivating your salespeople using the forces that actually change reps’ behaviors in the field. That means a relentless focus on application, practice, and ongoing reinforcement.

Only with Corporate Visions do you get a comprehensive and continuous approach to these sales coaching essentials—all supported by an array of sales and marketing solutions designed to ensure your salespeople’s new skills are adopted and applied in the field.

Whether you need to acquire new customers or keep existing ones, Corporate Visions offers a variety of essential sales coaching programs to help your reps perform better in the most critical customer conversations.

sales manager coaching

Behind every deal is a conversation between your sales rep and your buyer. And it’s in these conversations where sales manager coaching matters the most.

Coaching is the most critical, yet most inconsistently practiced and supported factor in driving sales success. Many salespeople find that they’re only coached four times a year—at their quarterly business reviews.

With Corporate Visions’ Coaching Skills for Sales Leaders, your organization can make conversation skills an integral part of your Sales culture. You’ll get science-backed insights and resources that support your sales leaders before, during, and after their training to achieve the most effective learning.

must-win deal coaching

Every sales meeting, presentation, or proposal is an opportunity to show your prospect or customer how you can drive business value… or not.

When your prospect summons you to the C-suite, requests a finalist presentation, asks you to meet with their boss, or to participate in an RFI or RFP, your deal teams need to rise to the demands of these must-win conversations with expert negotiation skills backed by research.

With Corporate Visions’ Must-Win Deal Coaching, your key account teams will learn how to apply Decision Science principles to their conversations and negotiations with critical decision-makers.

fluency coaching

In a classroom environment, sales reps don’t get the personalized 1:1 coaching they need to master their new skills. Due to time constraints, no one receives the kind of detailed feedback they need to practice, improve, or become fluent in their delivery.

With online Fluency Coaching, your reps submit recorded practice assignments that are reviewed and graded by an expert. Every participant receives tailored feedback on their practice recordings, so they know exactly how they can individually improve. All of this is reinforced by top-tier examples of great delivery from their peers, so your reps know with confidence what good looks like and what qualities make those performances stand out.

Sales teams who received Fluency Coaching reported twice the boost in confidence levels when engaging executive decision makers, compared with those who attended live classroom training.

sales coaching programs backed by decision science

When combined with skills training, you’ll establish a consistent sales training and coaching program that improves reps’ competence and confidence across your entire sales organization.

Unified by the same messaging principles and anchored in the science behind how your buyers frame value and make decisions, your team will be better equipped to articulate value with conversations that win.