Decision Science Meets the Art of Conversation

For decades, experts have conducted experiments to better understand the hidden forces that motivate how and why people make decisions. It’s called Decision Science, and it combines the power of neuroscience, social psychology, and behavioral economics to explore the invisible forces that shape how human beings frame value and make choices.

When you apply Decision Science throughout the buying cycle, you’re able to help your revenue-generating teams articulate value in three specific ways:

Most companies take a one-size-fits-all approach to the way you communicate with prospects and customers. But context matters, and our research shows there is a major difference between how you articulate value for new customer acquisition and existing customer expansion.

Because the psychology is different, messages, content, and even the skills you use to conduct these conversations need to be different as well.

Buying decisions don’t follow a predictable, predetermined path or sales process. Your prospects and customers are asking weighty, specific questions in four key moments in their Deciding Journey.

We call these moments the Four Value Conversations. And you need to address these deciding moments by answering your buyers’ questions with tailored and persuasive messages, thought-provoking content, and the sales and marketing training to address the unique psychology and pressures within each of these critical moments.

Even though marketing, sales, and customer success are all supposed to be talking to the same buyers, they are often telling different stories in different ways. How can you articulate value with one voice across these three disparate organizations? 

Great customer conversations are the sum of your story plus the skills to deliver or tell that story. Only with Corporate Visions can you get the messages, content, skills, and coaching to align your entire organization with one voice.