Training and Consulting Solutions for B2B Organizations

marketing, sales, and customer success training and consulting solutions for B2B organizations

Great customer conversations are the sum of the right story and the skills to tell that story the right way.

But you can’t rely on so-called “best practices” or a single silver bullet solution for every conversation. You need situationally relevant messages, skills, and content, backed by Decision Science and rigorously vetted with academic research.

With Corporate Visions’ science-backed training and consulting solutions, you can bring together the right story and the right skills to have conversations that win across your marketing, sales, and customer success organizations.


Differentiate your solutions, create new opportunities, close more deals, and keep and grow your existing customers with messages backed by Decision Science.


Generate interest and demand from your buyers and enable your sellers to turn that interest into deals with consistent and engaging enablement materials.

sales skills

Master the sales skills necessary to anticipate and answer the critical questions buyers are asking in key moments in their Customer Deciding Journey.

marketing skills

Learn practical, science-backed techniques to develop consistent and compelling marketing that activates your buyers’ memories and influences their decisions.

customer success skills

Learn a scientifically tested approach to mitigating churn, maintaining executive altitude, securing renewals, and increasing total contract value.


Ensure your reps gain proficiency, build confidence, and demonstrate fluency on the messages and skills they learn with personalized coaching from experts.

high-velocity sales

Get persuasive conversation skills and tools to encourage faster, more favorable buying decisions in fast-moving, high-volume sales cycles.

remote selling

Build and deliver an engaging, interactive, and highly memorable presentation that holds people’s attention and inspires action in a virtual environment.

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articulate value in your customer conversations.