Effective Sales Coaching Programs

In order to be effective, sales coaching needs to provide a more comprehensive approach to the forces that actually change reps’ behaviors in the field. That means a relentless focus on application, practice, coaching, and reinforcement.

What makes sales coaching effective in today’s world?

Only with Corporate Visions do you get a comprehensive and continuous approach to these sales coaching essentials—all supported by an array of sales & marketing solutions designed to ensure the skills you invested in get adopted and applied in the field. Whether you need to acquire new customers or renew/expand with existing ones, Corporate Visions offers an array of effective sales coaching programs to help your reps perform better in the most critical situations.

Effective Sales Coaching Includes:

Manager Coaching

Turn your sales managers into field gurus, making them better coaches, leaders, and communicators.

Virtual Coaching

Reinforce skills to create lasting behavior changes in the field.

Deal Coaching

Apply essential skills and techniques to must-win opportunities.

Fluency Coaching

Guarantee and certify skills mastery with observable practice, expert feedback, and demonstrated proficiency.

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