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A whole lot of insight in one big eBook

cmo-ebook-thumbnailSince 2012,, the online publication dedicated to delivering insights, expertise and inspiration aimed at helping CMOs and senior marketers lead their brands, has been featuring our very own Tim Riesterer as a sales and marketing thought leader/guru/columnist. Now, you can find the entire collection of Tim’s …

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Avoid the Heartburn from Channel Marketing Value Meals!

by Eric Nitschke, Managing Director

Let’s face it: we’ve all ordered the value meal at our favorite fast food joint. They’re often cheap, fast, and easy.

But consumers are shying away from these menus, with “healthy menu options” becoming a priority for 58% of respondents in a

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Feeling Powerless in Negotiations? Whistle a Happy Tune!

Power Pose

by Melissa Hereford, Vice President of Products

Recent research in B2B negotiations discovered that buyers think they have all the power when it comes to negotiating a deal. And salespeople agree.

So, what’s a seller to do to regain some control?

Whistle a Happy Tune

In the …

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Curb your bad impulses

eBook-5-Instincts“Trust your instincts.” That’s what everyone says. But it turns out your instincts aren’t always right, especially when it comes to selling.

In our latest eBook, Five Instincts Causing You to Lose Control of Your Deals, we look at five common mistakes sales leaders make that harm …

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A conversation with Adam Birenbaum, sales enablement manager, at CUNA Mutual Group

adamb-fullAdam Birenbaum, sales enablement manager at CUNA Mutual Group, recently shared some insight with us into his upcoming presentation, Creating Insights: Turning Research, Facts and Stats into Provocative Messaging, for our annual Marketing & Sales Alignment Conference in September.

Q. How is your sales and marketing

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Three Common Messaging Techniques that are Scientifically Proven to Make you Less Persuasive

Do you do any of the below?

Technique #1 – Deliver your message with absolute confidence and certainty believing that prospects are more likely to be persuaded.

Technique #2 – Produce a laundry list of reasons to buy what you’re selling believing that the more great reasons …

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