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Corporate Visions named Top 20 Sales Training company

training-industry-2014We are so honored to be named one of’s top 20 Sales Training companies. According to, “Top 20 Sales Training companies demonstrate growth and are recognized as leaders within the sales training space. They have a track record of providing excellent service across a …

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Focusing on getting the best price may not get you the best price


Recent research suggests emphasizing “learning goals” drives better negotiations than setting high financial targets.

For years, there has been a basic tenet in negotiations: “Those who ask for more, get more.” The assumption is that this means asking for more money, but, it may actually mean something …

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Don’t give your prospects so much to think about

UntitledIn the most recent issue of Sales & Marketing Management magazine, Tim Riesterer looks at the counterintuitive idea that sometimes less, rather than more information, is what will sway the sale in your favor.

In his column “The brain is a lazy decision maker,” Tim asserts that …

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Can your sales conversations turn off the alarm bells in your customer’s head?

alarm-clock[3] copyWe all live for that magic moment when your customer says “yes,” and we close our deal.

But too often sales professionals start strong, but find that their buyer slows down. Initial urgency and excitement fades. You hear the dreaded, “This looks good, but we need more …

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Video: The one critical characteristic your buyer personas are missing

The creation of clever buyer personas has been one of the latest fads in B2B Marketing and messaging development. We’ve even heard of companies creating life-sized cardboard character cutouts of “Nancy the CTO” and reverently placing them in their marketing offices. But all of these well-intentioned profiling …

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Three conversations you need to win every time

Tim-1-closeSirius Decisions asked hundreds of sales managers at B2B companies….what’s the #1 reason why salespeople don’t make quota?

The answer: salespeople fail to articulate value.

It’s not lack of leads, CRM systems, training, products or processes that are keeping your salespeople from selling, it’s their inability to …

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