Corporate Visions Launches New “High-Velocity Sales” Version of their Award-Winning Skills Training Programs

Corporate Visions creates a purpose-built version of value selling skills training for B2B inside sellers in fast-moving, one- or two- call sales or renewal processes.

RENO, NV, October 6, 2021 – Every seller needs to learn how to articulate value in customer conversations, whether they’re pursuing a complex enterprise sale or a high-velocity inside sale. That’s why Corporate Visions, the leader in science-backed B2B sales skills training, has developed new programs optimized for the one- or two-call inside selling environment—based on the same behavioral science-backed concepts for enterprise sellers.

“High-velocity sellers must quickly move through the process—from prospecting to presenting to closing, and from reinforcing to renewing to expanding,” said Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions. “That means the training content needs to be as efficient and effective as these sellers, and the concepts must equip them to execute the best customer conversation on every call.”

Corporate Visions will formally launch a “High-Velocity Selling” version of two of its popular Value Conversations skills training programs, with additional programs to come:

  • Create Value® – designed for new prospect acquisition. Sellers will learn how to disrupt Status Quo Bias, convince a prospect to change, and differentiate your solution from competing alternatives.
  • Expand Value® – designed for renewing and expanding existing customers. Sellers and account managers will learn to reinforce your “incumbent advantage” to keep and grow customers.

“These training programs represent the two use cases high-velocity inside selling teams are typically focused on,” Riesterer said. “Account-based prospecting for new business opportunities and competitive takeaways, and existing customer renewals with upselling programs to avoid churn and grow share of wallet.”

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