Corporate Visions Survey Reveals Companies Aren’t Updating Their Market Messages as Often as They Believe They Should

Survey Also Finds That Shifts in Customer Needs is the Factor Most Often Motivating Messaging Updates

PLEASANTON, Calif., May 18, 2016 — Corporate Visions, Inc., the leading marketing and sales messaging, content and skills training company, today announced results from a new survey revealing a contradiction between how often companies feel they should be updating their messaging and how often they’re actually doing it. With more than 350 marketers and salespeople responding, the survey found that nearly half of respondents (48 percent) say they refresh their marketing messages annually or every two years. However, 65 percent believe they should be updating their market messages quarterly or at least twice a year to stay differentiated.

“What’s evident from the data is that companies want to be more responsive when it comes to updating their go-to market messages, but they don’t have a messaging system or framework in place to build, update and maintain messages that are consistent, sales-ready, and distinct in their point of view,” said Tim Riesterer, chief strategy officer for Corporate Visions. “To make sure your key shifts in message resound in your marketing and sales content, as well as your field sales conversations, you need to update your messages with a plan, using a consistent, repeatable messaging methodology to stay out in front of your industry.”

The survey also looked at which messaging areas companies update most often. The top three areas indicated by respondents were:

  • Product/service/portfolio messaging: 30 percent
  • Topical issue/insight messaging: 25 percent
  • Enterprise solutions messaging: 18 percent

Additionally, survey data showed what the key factors motivating message updates are. Respondents indicated the top three areas driving message changes were:

  • Shifts in customer needs and need response: 37 percent
  • Major changes in market trends and new issues arising: 21 percent
  • New product launches or product modifications: 19 percent

“Messaging updates are the reality for marketers and sales leaders, and the speed and frequency of updating is only going to pick up,” Riesterer said. “The companies who stand to make the biggest impact are those with a consistent process and skillset in place to help them create high-quality customer-centric, demand gen campaigns and sales-ready content.”

To learn more about the survey and its findings, download the infographic.

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