One of the biggest challenges your sales and marketing teams face is separating your company from the competition in your prospects’ eyes.

But the majority of deals are not won or lost on “us versus them” arguments. Nor are they won or lost in a competitive bake-off centered around known needs. In fact, most deals are not won at all: Research shows that 60% of qualified opportunities end in “no decision.” That’s because no one has created a compelling case for change. Without a clear understanding of the risk of doing nothing, a compelling vision of “what better looks like,” and clear contrast between you and the alternatives, your prospect will opt for the status quo.

Corporate Visions’ cross-functional approach to messaging will help you develop a provocative and consistent story to dislodge the status quo and highlight your differentiation. Anchored in the decision-making sciences, our approach leverages the hidden forces that shape the way buyers frame value and make choices.

With Power Positioning, you’ll create messaging that creates the buying vision by identifying unconsidered needs and connecting them to your unique strengths.

Do You Sound Like Your Competitors?

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