Develop a Marketing Message to Change the Customer Point of View

The marketing message you develop and deliver across the buyer’s journey isn’t just your story—it’s the primary factor on which your differentiation strategy rests. So, needless to say, it’s not something you want to leave to chance. You need assurance that the story your marketers and salespeople tell at each key phase of the customer lifecycle is supported by tested and proven research—not merely good feelings, “best practices”, or magical thinking.

Only 29% of companies follow a well-established marketing message development process

Corporate Visions’ marketing message products and services can give you that assurance, no matter what marketing or sales challenge you face. In partnership with leading academics, Corporate Visions conducts original first-party research to develop a message development framework that gives marketers, sales leaders and customer success teams an edge at every critical turn in the buyer’s journey. Whether you need to acquire new customers, justify a purchase decision, or keep an existing account, Corporate Visions will help you tell a story that’s backed by decision-making science and tested and proven message development research to help you win—rest assured.

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