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Only corporate visions uses a third-party measurement firm to document client results

Beyond ROI has been assessing and gathering business results surveys on Corporate Visions clients for the past two years. In all, more than 60 companies have been reviewed 90 days after implementing Corporate Visions Customer Conversation programs.

On average, these companies have been able to document a 10-30X hard dollar return on their investment in Corporate Visions programs in just the first 90 days after they launch to the field. They’ve documented behavior change in sales people. And, they’ve discovered that high adopters who use the messages, tools and skills more than 75 percent of the time have deal sizes that are 2-3x larger than low adopters. Furthermore, high adopters demonstrate a 3-4x greater increase in quota achievement than low adopters.

By correlating performance to adoption levels and behavior change, the third party ROI firm tells us they can confidently attribute the performance difference to the Corporate Visions programs. In fact, the ROI firm tells us that in all their years measuring programs like this for companies, they’ve never seen anything perform as consistently well as Corporate Visions programs.

On average companies have been able to document a 10-30X hard dollar return on their investment in Corporate Visions programs

What ROI results can you expect when you work with Corporate Visions? See the results from Philips Respironics, CenturyLink, and a Fortune 50 high-tech company.

Marketing and Sales Messaging


Featured Case Study: CPA Global

When CPA Global, a company that manages intellectual property, came to Corporate Visions, they were 49% of plan, had flat growth and suffered from high sales rep turnover. After working with Corporate Visions, they achieved 120% of plan, achieved 26% growth, and retained 92% of their sales organization.

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CenturyLink’s Marketing and Sales Messaging Initiative
What ROI results can you expect to get when you work with Corporate Visions?
See the results CenturyLink achieved after working with Corporate Visions on their sales and marketing messaging initiative. The report highlights business impact, sales adoption, quota achievement and behavior change.

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Philips Respironics Measures Impact of Sales Messaging Initiative
ROI measurement for sales messaging and sales skills training isn’t a nice to have, it’s a must have! Philips Respironics knows this. That’s why they enrolled in a pilot program to test a new assessment that tracks adoption, behavior change and business impact. The ROI report, showing the results they saw after rolling out Power Positioning and Power Messaging, is summarized in this case study.

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We were a solid company — in the top three to five in most categories in terms of sales — but we needed a new energy to take us to being a top performer. The Power Messaging system gave Miranda’s marketing team a better understanding of the conversations sales reps needed to have with prospects to improve their performance. Sales calls were less about what Miranda’s products do and more about what they mean to the customer.”
— Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Miranda Technologies


Fortune 50

When a Fortune 50 high-tech company shifted its product mix away from hardware and moved to selling end-to-end solutions, it turned to Corporate Visions for help retooling its sales messaging and creating a new approach to sales conversations. The company measured the ROI of its Corporate Visions engagement and learned that it had improved in a number of areas including quota achievement and average deal size.

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I used to handout white papers, the audience would look through them rather then pay attention to my presentation. I now use the Power Messaging techniques to simplify the message, create value and get attention. This approach has helped me sell a $500,000 deal! I have shortened my presentation and increased the value!”
— Director, IMS


Corporate Visions helps us light a fire under stalled deals and prospects that have gone cold. In a world where the status quo is not an option, the best sales professionals have become orchestrators of change! The best salespeople sit across the table and make change easy for their customer by creating a succinct story and vision for what to change, how to change it, and how it will affect customer results. An enterprise focus on sales messaging, using Power Messaging concepts, is the hidden secret to driving incremental sales productivity and overwhelming customer success!”
— VP Worldwide Sales Enablement, ADP


AmerisourceBergen logo
Our new messaging is great, and it is being widely used by our sales team. We’ve never had a year-end sales meeting with content that was met with such widespread acceptance and enthusiasm. I admit that I entered the Power Messaging and Power Positioning process with some skepticism, but count me as a convert!”
— SVP Retail Sales and Marketing, AmerisourceBergen Drug Company


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One of our most difficult tasks in sales training had been getting our reps up to speed quickly on our messaging. In the past, we had them read brochures sit through operations training and shadow other reps and we hoped that the messaging would sink in. Now with Corporate Visions messaging and our online, just-in-time training tools, we are confident that our reps are getting the right messaging in a consistent way. Everything that we do, and how we communicate it to customers is now in one place ready to use when our reps need it. This has been extremely helpful in getting new reps up to speed quickly.”
— Sr. Vice President, Coverall North America, Inc.


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Power Messaging is a foundational element in our global marketing campaigns and sales training programs. We believe the concepts are core to engaging in customer conversations that are focused on the customers’ outcomes and what they want to achieve.”
— CMO & SVP, Dell Inc.


Kronos logo
The Power Positioning and Power Messaging techniques are the foundation of how our marketing team creates our sales messages, as well as the process our field sales teams use for delivering that message in a unique and compelling way. Power Messaging is the foundation of success for high-performing marketing and sales organizations. At Kronos, our results are a reflection of the power of the tool.”
— CEO, Kronos


LexisNexis logo
I have seen the power of our messaging first hand. It ultimately set up the foundation to re-open discussions from last year with a major client that had been dormant for some time and ultimately resulted in an estimated $2 million close last week!”
— VP, LexisNexis


The Power Messaging techniques have been enthusiastically embraced and adopted by our sales teams, and they’ve elevated our game. By applying this real-world, customer-focused approach to message development and delivery, you should expect to create more deals, increase pipeline velocity, and close more business. Moreover, you will invigorate your sales force, and your salespeople will thank you. Power Messaging sticks with you and it works.”
— Group VP North America Sales, Oracle


QAD logo
Power Messaging was like a maturation of Solution Selling. We now use the presentation skills with new hires. We’ve crisped up our message, made it more succinct and reduced it down to a business value. It’s worked great!”
— Product Marketing, QAD

Negotiation and Execution Skills

Featured Case Study: Fortune 500 High-Tech Company

This Fortune 500 high-tech industry company knew they had a discounting problem… so they brought in Corporate Visions to equip their salespeople with the maximization and negotiations skills they needed to plug the value leaks in their sales conversations. While untrained regions continued to degrade their discounting rates by 1.8%, trained regions improved their discounting by 1%. In total, this was a 2.8% net improvement in discounting between the trained and untrained regions, for a $1.8M return in the first quarter alone. These pilot results drove a global roll-out to thousands of salespeople.


A well-executed go-to-market strategy can yield extraordinary results. What’s required is a different approach to sales execution, one focused on executing pivotal agreements throughout the sales process. Autodesk, a global leader in the software and services business, deployed our systematic approach to creating value and closing better business that included our sales negotiation methodology.

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What does it take to implement a performance improvement initiative that delivers measurable bottom-line results? AT&T brought us in to provide blended learning to enhance its approach to sales profitability and customer satisfaction.

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CA Technologies

CA Technologies, $4.3 billion leader in information technology management, wanted to increase sales volume and enhance account relationship profitability in a highly competitive, price-sensitive market. This initiative, which achieved a 45.8 to 1 ROI (as well as significant increases in bookings, account profitability, deal size, and product pricing), won industry awards from both Chief Learning Officer magazine and the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).

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Chevron Energy Solutions (CES), which helps institutions and businesses use energy more efficiently and generate power from renewable sources, faced an important challenge: manage increased complexity arising from market growth, and do so in a way that maximized both customer satisfaction and results. The strategy: think differently about the customer acquisition process and its management. The approach: partner with us to provide skills and tools to support more profitable selling and project implementation…

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What does it take to develop a best-in-class B2B sales organization? E. I. DuPont de Nemours and Company implemented a strategy for developing its team that focuses on relationship building, effective negotiation, and challenging customers to find new value in its solutions. Find out how DuPont’s sales leaders are keeping their team on the leading edge of sales performance.

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In the midst of management reorganization, some labor unrest, and a potential sale of the company, Hershey Foods invested the resources and time to attend Situational Sales Negotiation™. This training helped not only improve skills, it was the basis for Hershey’s go-to-market strategy.

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Roche Professional Diagnostics, a division of $60 billion Roche Holding AG, was challenged to improve how they bring new technology products to market. They needed strong negotiation skills to manage a wide variety of interactions between stakeholders inside of Roche – as well as strategic business partners and third-party distribution channels. Learn how they reduced legal and contracting expenses and improved both negotiation efficiency and deal quality.

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When it comes to improving negotiation results in a global sales organization, excellent training is just the “price of admission.” What does it take to get measurable results in the field? Find out how UPS managers built the bottom line with a disciplined approach to creating more value in the sales process, and executing more effective customer negotiations.

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Selling to Executives


Featured Case Study: SuccessFactors

After realizing their salespeople were shying away from engaging executive-level buyers, SuccessFactors came to Corporate Visions looking to improve their sales team’s CXO relevancy. After Executive Conversations training, they saw an 18% increase in the size of opportunities created, and a 64% increase in the size of deals won.

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With $10 billion in revenue and 570,000 clients, Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADP) is one of the world’s largest providers of business outsourcing solutions. ADP’s management team implemented our methodologies to successfully launch its Workforce Now solutions.

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AT&T, the largest communications holding company in the world by revenue, engaged our services to increase the number of qualified opportunities within its Alliance Program. To achieve this goal, AT&T sought to elevate the specific skillsets of their alliance channel managers.

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Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking, transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate. The company needed its global account managers to have a greater understanding and influence with customer CFOs. By partnering with us, they were ultimately able to develop stronger relationships with this elusive audience.

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Seeking to extend its position in this large and growing market sector, a leading global healthcare services company partnered with us to identify specific business objectives and achieve its strategic goals. It created new alliances, increased penetration in existing markets, developed new products for new markets, enhanced existing product lines, added distribution channels and sustained its image as a market leader.

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Honeywell International, a diversified technology and manufacturing leader, engaged us to strengthen team skills at differentiating their defense and space solutions on value rather than price.

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Hospira, the world’s leading provider of injectable drugs and infusion technologies, needed to effectively engage hospital executives to sell their broadening portfolio of comprehensive medication management solutions. Hospira brought us in to help them successfully connect with these high-level professionals.

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Leading Enterprise Software Company

A leading enterprise software company partnered with us to deploy its global Value Engineering Initiative to grow revenue and assist in efficiency improvements.

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Pioneering Charge Card Company

A charge card company that issues cards used by more than eight million frequent travelers in 200+ countries around the world faced a rapidly growing and increasingly competitive environment in the financial services sector.

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TELUS, one of Canada’s leading telecommunications companies, engaged our services to deliver a breakout session for its energy sector team at their annual sales conference. Because a number of Canadian oil & gas firms are now owned by foreign entities, a key objective of the session was to increase the team’s strategic insight into global energy market drivers to reposition TELUS in those markets.

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Unisys, a worldwide services and solutions company with expertise in consulting, systems integration and outsourcing, needed to heighten the business and financial acumen of its global sales force. They partnered with us to give team members the tools and training to credibly convey how Unisys can help clients apply IT for business advantage and success..

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