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Get Closer to More Buyers, More of the Time

Your buyers’ purchase decisions are complex. To fully understand what drives their choices, you need continuous, detailed insights and real-time feedback from more opportunities and customers.

As you uncover the complete and rapidly changing story around why you win and lose, you can accurately find and fix blind spots across your entire go-to-market strategy and drive greater revenue growth.

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A graphic indicating that 53% of lost deals are winnable if not for a misstep in the sales experience

Understand the Truth behind Your Opportunities

Buyers say that 53 percent of your lost deals could have been won if not for a misstep in the buying experience.

But when you ask your sellers, they’ll likely attribute losses to something outside of their control—like price, competitors, or lack of product features.

Your buyers will tell a different story.

If you don’t get accurate, complete data around customer decisions, how do you know you’re fixing the right things to improve win rates?

You need a continuous, real-time stream of buyer feedback and insights to ensure you’re finding and fixing problems in your product, pricing, positioning, and sales execution.

By leveraging buyer feedback from a significant percentage of every ongoing opportunity, you’ll uncover the truth behind your lost deals and get the closest you’ve ever been to your customers.

Uncover Your Complete Win-Loss Story

Missteps in the buying experience account for over half of losses. Yet, most organizations who gather customer feedback focus solely on gathering pricing, product, and competitive insights, neglecting the buying experience, leaving the organization flying blind when it comes to why you win or lost most deals.

You need to see the whole story to fully understand why you are winning or losing and what you can do about it. Otherwise, you might spend time and resources “fixing” your price, product, or positioning while missing opportunities for faster, greater impact—your sales and customer experience.

Your complete win-loss story aligns your go-to-market revenue teams—marketing, sales and customer success—like you never could before.

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Move from Insights to Impact

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Automatically trigger feedback to be collected from all wins, losses, or “no decisions” in your CRM.

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Automatically collect buyer feedback using dynamic, science-backed, tested and proven online or live interviews.

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Automatically turn your buyer feedback into insights served up in performance dashboards and detailed report cards.

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Identify opportunities for improvement in product development, competitive intelligence, and sales performance.

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Easily share insights and recommendations with each go-to-market team to help them improve win rates, retention, and expansion.

Align Your Go-to-Market Teams

Nothing aligns your go-to-market teams like timely, continuous feedback from your buyers. With TruVoice, you can easily share insights with your stakeholders through built-in, one-click reports and dashboards. Use this feedback to inform strategic decisions around pricing, positioning, product development, marketing campaigns, sales coaching and enablement, as well as customer success.

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Dive deep into the details of your buyer responses to see qualitative and quantitative insights for your wins, losses, and no decisions.
See top reasons for your wins, losses, and no decisions at a glance and drill down to see relevant buyer insights that help you improve key areas.
Uncover buyer-based competitive intelligence, understand what your competitors are doing to adapt, and how you can stay ahead. Integrate your battlecards into your CRM, sales enablement platform, or competitive intelligence tools.

Remediate Win-Rate Issues in Real Time

TruVoice provides in-depth insight into how pricing, product features, messaging, company perception, and sales performance influence deal outcomes. As your buyers provide detailed feedback, TruVoice delivers just-in-time, science-backed training and recommendations from each opportunity to help you quickly fix the blind spots and missteps in your go-to-market strategy.  

Uncover your complete win-loss story and quickly find and fix the blind spots that are causing your organization to lose winnable opportunities or churn retainable accounts. 

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Enrich Your Sales Conversations

Your seller only spends a fraction of the buyer’s journey with their prospect, which means your buyers are learning about your solution and your competitors outside of your sales conversations. 

If you’re only looking at call recordings to understand your sales interactions, you’re only getting part of the story. 

Connect the perspective you receive from sales interactions to actual feedback from your buyers.  

With TruVoice, you can see quickly see the exact moments in your sales conversations that influenced your buyer’s decision without having to listen to an entire call recording. 

Grow Revenue

With TruVoice, you’ll receive a continuous, real-time stream of buyer feedback that informs your sales coaching, sales enablement, and revenue growth strategies. Your buyers will tell you exactly what you are doing right or wrong when it comes to winning their business. Insights you can use to:

  • Increase new business win rates
  • Overcome and revive “No Decisions”
  • Increase average deal size
  • Identify expansion opportunities
  • Improve retention rates
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