Fluency Coach AI

Let sellers practice crucial sales conversations
in a risk-free environment.

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Practice Makes Profits

You’ve provided training to your team, but how do you know if they’ll effectively apply their new skills in real conversations? If they don’t have time to practice, they might not.

What if you could provide your sellers with just-in-time, repeated practice and unbiased feedback to drive mastery of their skills?

Just-in-Time Fluency Coaching at Scale

Give your sellers a lifelike role-play experience that mirrors the real buyer conversations all leveraging the latest AI technology and Corporate Visions science-backed training.

Sellers can practice whenever and wherever they want, with space to make mistakes and receive unbiased, detailed performance feedback automatically to close skill gaps to improve sales fluency

Backed by Neuroscience Research

Dr. Carmen Simon

Dr. Carmen Simon

“Our studies show that AI-powered coaching is a viable alternative to traditional human coaching, and challenges preconceived notions about AI’s effectiveness in persuasive communication. In our study, we did not find that sellers were put off by the AI coach. On the contrary, sellers showed high motivation while interacting with the AI tool, felt less tense when receiving feedback, and learned skills during the experience.”

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AI Trained on Science-Backed Skills

Fluency Coach AI is fully integrated into Corporate Visions’ science-based sales skills training programs, ensuring that sellers have the coaching tools they need to gain proficiency without any additional costs.