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Deploy Your Message in Visual Stories

According to Forrester Research, 88% of executive buyers – the ones you covet, the ones you want to reach – prefer to have a conversation, not a PowerPoint pitch. In addition to being picky about how you deliver your messages, buyers also have a hard time retaining them. Studies have also shown that buyers remember only 10% of your message just one week after you leave the room.

But, if you make the effort to attach your story to a simple, concrete visual, your buyers remember 65% of your conversation. To facilitate that conversation and keep buyers’ attention, you must package your Distinct Point of View in remarkable and memorable delivery tools to ensure your story is told in a way that is as powerful and unique as the story itself.

Only Corporate Visions’ Power Tools™ solutions – campaign content, sales collateral, and whiteboard stories – will bring your new message to the market with impact.


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What if you could…

  • Message for a decision with a visual and interactive format that gets more people to respond and choose you.
  • Challenge your prospects to question their status quo while creating opportunities for more productive sales conversations.
  • Increase conversion rates of marketing-sourced leads and ensure campaigns are relevant deeper into the sales cycle.

You need Corporate Visions’ Power Tools: Prospecting


What if you could…

  • Deploy your Power Positions to generate compelling, rather than stale, presentations that look like everyone else’s?
  • See consistent, high-quality field adoption of new messaging while extending marketing’s relevance deeper into the sales cycle.
  • Reduce wasted selling activities because salespeople no longer need to create their own materials.

You need Corporate Visions’ Power Tools: Collateral


What if you could…

Create a compelling whiteboard story to break through the status quo barrier?

You need Corporate Visions’ Power Tools: Point of View Whiteboards

Create a differentiated whiteboard story that sets you apart from the competition?

You need Corporate Visions’ Power Tools: Solution Whiteboards