Sales Process Training Aligned to the Customer Deciding Journey

Many organizations rely on their own internal definition of what the sales process should look like. But if your sales, marketing, and customer success teams aren't following a consistent, team-based sales process that aligns to your buyers' behaviors and motivations, miscommunications and dropped handoffs can cost you customers.

When you understand how your buyers frame value and make decisions in the Customer Deciding Journey, you can design and implement customer acquisition and customer expansion processes that bring clarity and focus to all your commercial teams.

why do organizations need a sales process?

  • Faster sales cycles through disciplined opportunity management at each stage.

  • Stronger pipeline through proactive outreach and qualification.

  • Higher close rates through smarter late-stage closing activities.

  • Pipeline visibility and forecast accuracy based on buyer’s behaviors and decisions.

  • Account expansion through effective renewal and upsell strategies.

  • Team-based selling that connects every commercial function.

three levels of planning that turn sales process into sales results

Territory strategy

How to maximize activity in a region or set of named accounts.

Account strategy

How to sell wider and deeper in a named account.

Opportunity strategy

How to navigate and win a specific opportunity.

a playbook approach to sales process enablement

Account Development Process

  • Renewal and cross-sell plays
  • Team roles across all commercial functions
  • Internal and customer-facing planning cadence
  • Account planning tools
  • Customer business review tools
  • Reports and dashboards in CRM

Opportunity Management Process

  • Stages aligned to the Customer Deciding Journey

  • Team roles across all commercial functions

  • Opportunity strategy template

  • Territory planning template

  • Pipeline and forecast standards

  • Reports and dashboards in CRM

sales conversation skills mapped to your process

customer acquisition

A repeatable sales process provides your sellers with the tools and frameworks they need to have more consistent conversations with prospects. And when combined with science-backed customer acquisition skills training, you’ll enable your sellers to articulate value effectively, build more pipeline, and close more deals.

customer expansion

The vast majority of company revenue comes from existing customers. So it’s imperative that your sellers and customer success managers have a solid process in place to guide renewal and expansion conversations. When combined with science-backed customer expansion skills training, you’ll enable your teams to reduce churn and increase your profitability.

sales process training solutions

Only with Corporate Visions’ sales process solutions can you rapidly build a selling system that enables effective opportunity pursuit, pipeline visibility, forecast accuracy, and consistent execution across your commercial teams. Your sales process playbook becomes the foundation for effective sales training and skills reinforcement in your sales organization. And core sales disciplines, planning tools, and skills are reinforced through just-in-time learning within your CRM system, deal coaching, and certification.