Digital Sales Transformation

Two out of three buyers prefer a digital self-service buying experience over traditional sales communications. And industry data shows that digital sales motions are now more effective than field selling motions. If you aren’t already embracing digital sales, the need to change has never been more urgent.

bridge the digital divide

In the past, conventional wisdom was that B2B buyers followed a linear, predictable, and controlled funnel—from awareness to consideration to purchase and then advocacy. 

Post-pandemic, the buyer’s journey could not be less predictable. They’re doing research, forming opinions, and narrowing their options at their own pace. And they’re using digital channels with nearly equal frequency as they contact your sellers. None of these digital interactions—with your content or with your sellers—happen in a linear order.

You can no longer expect your buyers to pick up the phone and call you. You need to reach them where they are—on digital channels—and you need the right approach.

determine your organizational readiness

To determine the ability of your sales teams and leaders to drive growth in a digital selling environment, consider a readiness assessment. With this assessment, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the people and organizational structure you have in place today, identify areas for improvement, and actionable recommendations to enhance performance.

assess your sales technology

The role of technology in sales is constantly changing because the technology itself is evolving every day. No matter what stage of digital transformation you’re in, you can assess whether your installed tech stack is aligned to your revenue growth strategy, reflects modern sales processes, and supports solution-specific buyer journeys.

analyze your go-to-market strategy

A go-to-market strategy requires continuous monitoring of market dynamics, customer feedback, and the competitive landscape. But when critical elements aren’t considered, all your planning can fall flat. Conducting a thorough GTM analysis will unearth hidden insights, tap into proven methods, and bridge operational gaps you never knew existed, empowering your organization to implement a winning strategy.

build and deliver effective sales cadences

Buyers have so much information coming at them each day it’s difficult for them to discern what’s most important. How do you ensure your messages cut through the noise? Equip your teams with research-backed content and field-tested cadences that spark productive sales conversations through digital channels.

confirm your approach with field trials

Implementing a new strategy requires substantial change, and it’s challenging to commit without knowing if it will resonate with buyers. That’s why we field test different approaches to determine what makes the most sense for your business. You can try different options to see what digital channels, cadences, and conversations are most effective for your revenue growth strategy. Confirm what works before you implement a new approach across your organization and reduce the risks associated with your digital transition.

digital sales transformation backed by science

Buyers want and prefer digital buying experiences. But most sales organizations don’t know where to start in their digital transformation journey. Only by working with Corporate Visions will you uncover hidden insights, tap into proven methods, and bridge gaps you never knew existed, empowering you to iterate, implement, and track a winning digital sales transformation strategy now and into the future.