AA-ISP changes its name to Emblaze™, repositioning as a global insights provider

announcing Emblaze, a global B2B insights provider

Companies formerly known as AA-ISP and Emblaze are now Emblaze, a global insights, advice, and intelligence community for B2B revenue teams.

RENO, NV, August 1, 2023/PRNewswire/ – AA-ISP, the global digital sales association, announced today that it is changing its name to Emblaze. This name change is accompanied by a repositioning of the business as a provider of insights that ignite revenue growth, with a focus on empowering B2B sales, marketing, and customer success professionals worldwide.

“We are excited to introduce Emblaze as our new identity and positioning,” said Nicci Hammerel, who leads the Emblaze business for parent company Corporate Visions. “Our new name better reflects our commitment to providing tested, proven insights that inspire revenue growth and success for our members and their companies.”

The repositioning of Emblaze will provide members with valuable insights, data, and education to drive their revenue growth strategies:

  • Emblaze Growth Exchange – provides peer-to-peer generated ideas and expertise shared between members of the Emblaze community. This includes priority access to original research reports from Emblaze Laboratories (formerly Emblaze), as well as a knowledge center containing case studies, benchmarks, and ideas supplied by fellow revenue leaders. The Growth Exchange also features networking opportunities with targeted forums, training and certification, executive retreats, local events, and leadership summits.
  • Emblaze Growth Intelligence – provides a continuous supply of fresh, exclusive, science-backed insights generated by each of Emblaze’s research laboratories. Emblaze Growth Intelligence provides original research and advisory services based on behavioral simulations, neuroscience brain studies, field tests, and automated customer feedback data. Growth Intelligence members can access the research insights, tools, and advisory services provided by the academic researchers, analysts, and expert consultants doing the work.

“We are dedicated to helping revenue professionals move beyond anecdotal ‘best practices’ and adopt research-backed strategies for growth,” said Hammerel. “By providing an unequaled range of research content, an expansive roster of expert advisors, a complete set of tested tools, and a collaborative peer community, we aim to inspire sales, marketing, and customer success professionals to achieve revenue growth that is based on evidence rather than guesswork.”

About Emblaze

Emblaze is a global insights, advice, and intelligence community focused on empowering revenue professionals with data-driven content, tools, education, and solutions. Formerly known as the AA-ISP and Emblaze, Emblaze is committed to delivering insights that ignite growth and success for its members and their companies.

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