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Sales Negotiation Training and Counterintuitive Closing Strategies

Buyers have all the power in sales negotiations because they have all the alternatives. So how do you become the best alternative? And, in a complex, multi-party buyer environment, how do you drive consensus while protecting your value and pricing? By improving your positioning with sales negotiation training.

Close Larger, More Profitable Deals.

With Capture Value™ services from Corporate Visions, you’ll learn a counterintuitive approach that breaks with traditional negotiations programs and helps you turn your low-power position into a competitive advantage. These “low-power” techniques are key to helping you drive consensus among multiple stakeholders and protect your pricing throughout the life of your deals, not just at the end. Only with Corporate Visions do you get the messages, content, and skills rooted in decision-making science to help you close larger, more profitable deals.

Buyers today have all the power. They know it, and so do salespeople.

Traditional sales negotiation training teach salespeople to try and “retake control” and match the buyer’s power. But research shows this actually has negative outcomes, including more deals ending no-decision. But here’s the thing: that same research shows that when sellers are able to use counterintuitive skills, they can turn their low-power position into a negotiating advantage, creating more value for themselves and the buyer.

Developed in collaboration with Margaret A. Neale, a negotiations researcher and distinguished professor of management at Stanford Graduate School of Business, Capture Value™ Skills gets salespeople fluent at managing complex, consensus-driven deals and protecting your pricing—even when the buyer seems to have all the power.

Only with Capture ValueTM Skills do you get the training you need to apply unexpected and counterintuitive techniques to maximize deal size and value. With a mixture of online and hands-on application-based learning and reinforcement, you can train your sellers on the science-backed concepts they need to gain a negotiating edge.

Our mission was to get people to think differently about negotiation, to promote give and take, and to always consider how to expand the size of each deal being made without giving away unnecessary concessions.

- Dan Braunm, prior Vice President of Global Learning, CA Technologies

For coaching to make an impact today, it needs to provide a more comprehensive approach to the forces that actually change reps’ behaviors in the field. That means a relentless focus on application, practice, coaching, and reinforcement

Only with Capture Value™ Coaching do you get the most comprehensive and continuous approach to these coaching essentials—all supported by an array of coaching solutions to ensure the skills you invested in get adopted and applied in the field. Capture Value™ Coaching includes manager coaching skills that turn your sales managers into Capture Value™ field gurus, making them better coaches, leaders, and communicators. It includes Virtual Coach to help reinforce the skills and create lasting behavior changes; Fluency Coaching to ensure more observable practice, expert feedback, and demonstrated proficiency; and Deal Coaching to help you apply Capture Value™ Skills to must-win opportunities.


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