Sales Enablement Tools and Content for Better B2B Lead Generation

Companies may create hundreds of B2B sales enablement tools, like training videos, case studies, and product-oriented brochures, which help your sales reps have follow-on conversations with buyers. Meanwhile, a different team typically develops the sales enablement content, such as whitepapers, infographics, or videos, that address the early stages of developing and nurturing leads.

But this kind of siloed approach to content creation and delivery creates a Conversion Gap in the process. A prospect may get excited about your demand generation story, but there’s no smooth handoff for sales to convert that lead to an opportunity. What’s more, your sales and marketing teams may unknowingly be competing with each other to develop content.

To overcome these challenges, your content must unify the story marketers create and salespeople deliver. An aligned sales and marketing organization works as a team and takes a relay-race approach. Marketing develops content that creates your buying vision, then sales takes the baton and engages your customers using strategic sales enablement tools to get them to choose you. This approach brings together your marketing messaging and sales skills to create and deliver a powerful story and seamless buying experience.

Content Creation and Delivery Services to Support the Entire Customer Lifecycle

With Corporate Visions’ content training and delivery solutions, your marketers and salespeople will connect key storytelling pieces to the questions your buyers are asking at every stage of their Deciding Journey:

By employing a unified approach to marketing content and sales enablement tools that are rooted in Decision-Making Science, your marketing and sales teams can deliver best-in-class content when it matters most. As a result, you’ll experience better handoffs, increased conversions, and more pipeline.

Are Your Sales Enablement Tools Connecting with Your Lead Generation Content?

Learn how you can get over the Conversion Gap.
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