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Sales and Marketing Message Development for the Customer Lifecycle

marketing message development for the customer lifecycle
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Nearly 60 percent of companies believe they can use the same message for every buyer conversation, regardless of the customer relationship. Instead of tailoring their approach, they rely on the same messages to win new customers as they do to keep and grow existing customers.

But our research shows that this approach will backfire. B2B companies need to tailor their sales and marketing messages to match the buyer’s specific motivations in the moment.

customer acquisition messages

When developing a message for new prospects, you need to tell a powerful, disruptive story that inverts your prospect’s perceptions about staying the course versus changing their situation. And you need a truly differentiated point of view that makes your solution the clear choice versus the competition.

That’s because your prospects are asking, “Why should I change from my current situation?” And, “Why should I choose you instead of someone else?”

customer expansion messages

When developing a message for existing customers, a disruptive message will backfire, increasing the likelihood of your customer switching by at least 10 percent. 

In these situations, your customers are asking, “Why should I renew with you? And why should I expand my relationship with you?” So, you need to take an entirely different approach by actively defending your incumbent advantage to keep and grow the relationship.

science-backed sales and marketing message development

In partnership with leading academic experts, Corporate Visions conducts ongoing research to create and refine message development frameworks for every critical buying decision. Armed with these sales and marketing messages, your entire organization can speak with one voice and gain an edge in their conversations across the entire customer lifecycle.

Whether you need to acquire new customers or keep and grow an existing account, you’ll have tailored and scientifically tested messages that drive results.