Sales Engagement Services

Sales Engagement Services

Ninety percent of B2B meetings are set after at least six touches. Yet, most sales reps stop reaching out to prospects after only two or three.

Sellers give up quickly when they don’t get an instant response from a prospect. Whether salespeople fatigue or just forget, they aren’t following through. And when their sales engagement efforts drop off, so do your opportunities.

Most sellers understand the value of following up with prospects, but they quickly realize that without a prescriptive approach, you can’t guarantee results.

Asking your sellers to manually engage every prospect doesn’t drive the consistency or persistency you need to win in a digital selling environment. That’s why leading B2B organizations are turning to automated sales cadences, or sales plays, to generate more interest and build qualified pipeline.

90% of B2B meetings are set after six or more touches

sales cadences, messages, and content for sales engagement

A sales cadence is a carefully planned series of touchpoints that sellers can use to reach prospects through emails, phone calls, and social media interactions.

Your sales engagement efforts will get little to no response without the right combination of steps, messages, and supporting content. But when you use automated cadences, your reps can deliver more touches in less time—without having to think about what messages and content to use or how to deliver them.

With Corporate Visions’ science-backed sales engagement services, you’ll get field-tested cadences, research-backed messages, and scientifically tested content to win your digital sales conversations.

Field-Tested Cadences

Build and deploy the most effective, field-tested sales cadences to generate interest, get meetings, and convert opportunities to pipeline.

Research-Backed Messages

Differentiate your solutions, create new opportunities, and close more deals using sales engagement messages backed by behavioral research.

Scientifically Tested Content

Generate interest and demand from your prospects with engaging and persuasive content that’s scientifically tested using EEG neuroscience research.

No need to base your sales conversations on your best guess of what might work. With Corporate Visions’ sales engagement services, you’ll have everything you need to build smart sales cadences that engage your prospects, win meetings, and motivate buying behaviors using insights from our rigorous research studies.

certified technology implementation and training services

Companies often buy into the benefits of sales engagement software but never fully implement the platform or train their sellers on how to use it. Sales reps are left to figure it out on their own, and they seldom use the technology to its full potential.

With implementation services for Salesloft and InsideSales sales engagement platforms, you can ramp up your team, manage activities, track progress, and build and deploy smart sales cadences and plays that match your company’s strategic sales and marketing goals.

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Unlock the potential of your Salesloft, a leading sales engagement platform, with implementation, training, and research-backed sales cadences from our certified team of specialists.

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Discover the value of your InsideSales, a leading sales engagement platform, with implementation, training, and research-backed sales plays from our certified team of specialists.

Even if you already use sales engagement software, your sellers need more than technology to make your digital conversations a success. With implementation and training from Corporate Visions, you’ll enable your team with scientifically tested enablement content and research- backed conversation techniques to increase the velocity and effectiveness of your sales engagement efforts—from prospect to pipeline to customer and beyond.

test, refine, and validate your sales engagement efforts

What gets buyers’ attention and interest today might not be as effective tomorrow. Your marketing and sales conversations need to evolve continuously to keep pace with changing buying and selling behaviors.

Using insights from ongoing B2B DecisionLabs research studies, we continue to test and validate the best approaches for reaching, engaging, and converting today’s decision makers.

That means your messages, content, and sales conversations will never stay static. While your competitors continue to rely on the antiquated “best practices” of yesterday, your sales engagement strategy will match how buyers frame value and make decisions today and in the future.

spark more sales conversations

Don’t let your sales process become just another suggestion. In a digital selling environment, your reps need to drive consistent and persistent communication to win more engagement and effectively build your pipeline.

With smart, field-tested sales cadences and sales engagement services from Corporate Visions, your sellers will have the touchpoints, messages, and content they need to generate more interest, spark more sales conversations, and win more meetings with qualified leads.