Sales Training Backed by Science

Most sales skills training programs conveniently ignore one glaring fact: There is no one-size-fits-all message, approach, or salesperson type.

Your buyers are asking different questions at different times as they determine whether or not they will buy from you. And our research shows that using the same approach for every conversation will hurt your chances of winning the deal.

You won’t win over your prospects and customers by using the same messages and skills for every interaction. Instead, you need to enable your team to stay situationally fluent and tailor their approach for each conversation in the Customer Deciding Journey.

the customer conversation system

The Customer Conversation System is a sales skills training program based on Decision Science. Using this skills training system, your sales team will be able to articulate value in the most pivotal conversations with prospects and customers.

sales skills training based on decision science

Only with Corporate Visions’ sales skills training will your salespeople learn skills and messages that have been rigorously tested in academic research studies, and proven to work in a B2B environment. 

By studying the invisible forces that shape human decision-making and how people frame value, the Customer Conversation System cuts through the noise of the industry’s so-called “best practices” to provide a scientifically tested approach to delivering conversations that win.