Nearly 60 percent of sales leaders ranked sales conversations as the most important factor in creating competitive differentiation

When everything else is equal, your differentiation comes down to the ability of your reps to communicate value in their interactions with prospects and customers. In fact, a Corporate Visions industry survey revealed that sales conversations are far and away the most important driver of competitive differentiation, significantly outranking product quality and innovation, sales process and technology, and price.

With Corporate Visions skills training, salespeople get the skills and techniques to articulate value in three key moments they need to master to control each phase of the buyer’s journey. Corporate Visions skills give reps the ability to:

  • Create Value — Break the status quo and differentiate your solutions
  • Elevate Value — Build a more effective business case to justify executive decisions
  • Capture Value — Maximize the profitability of each deal
  • Expand Value — Renew and expand existing customer revenue

Build a “Triple Threat” sales team

Combine classroom-based and online skills training to support every point of the customer conversation.
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