Sales Skills Training

Dramatically Improve Your Team’s Sales Skills Using the Science of Decision Making

Nearly 60 percent of sales leaders ranked sales skills training as the most important factor in creating competitive differentiation. But the skills you need to challenge your customer’s status quo and acquire new customers are completely different than the skills you need to retain and expand with existing ones.

With training solutions from Corporate Visions, your team will learn new skills and sharpen their ability to articulate value and win more revenue across the entire customer lifecycle.

Backed by original research into what motivates B2B buying behavior, Corporate Visions skills training equips sales reps and managers with tested and proven ways to:

Flexible Training Options

While most sales training programs rely on so-called best practices or a single, program-centric approach, Corporate Visions delivers flexible skills training based on trusted research and proven results.

Buyers are weighing different kinds of decisions at different points in their Deciding Journey. As such, your training program can’t be “one-size-fits-all.” Your sales team needs tailored messages and skills that match the unique pressures and demands of each moment.

Our “inline” training approach gives salespeople the situational stories and skills they need to rise to the demands of the moment and solve the most pressing selling challenges. And with flexible sales training options, you can stand up new training programs quickly, whenever a subset of salespeople faces a learning deficit or an acute moment of need.

Build A “Triple Threat” Sales Team

Combine classroom-based and online skills training to support every point of the customer conversation.
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