In any given company, most salespeople will have equal access to product information, content, training, systems, and processes.

And yet, in almost every company, there is an evident gap between high performing and low performing reps. Why?

It turns out that sales performance is not a question of equal access. It’s a question of situational fluency. In other words, the quality of the conversations salespeople are having with customers makes the biggest difference in performance. This means your salespeople must be skilled to have the key conversations that propel every buying cycle forward.

With training from Corporate Visions, you get a complete conversation system that teaches your team how to say the right things to win better deals. It’s a continuum with three distinct but complementary pieces. First you’ll learn how to create more value in the conversations you’re having with prospects. Then you’ll elevate that value to senior-level decision-makers you couldn’t get access to before. And you’ll capture value by creating more profitable agreements for your organization. That’s how you give your salespeople the situational fluency they need to articulate value in all three moments of truth.

Ready to give all of your reps “Triple Threat” Skills?

In addition to our classroom-based workshops, Corporate Visions offers virtual training across our entire suite of skills training products: giving you unlimited flexibility to customize, integrate, and deliver skills training – anywhere, anytime, to anyone.

This combination of classroom-based and online skills training creates a sales organization with “Triple Threat” abilities to create, elevate, and capture value at every point of the Customer Conversation.

Build a “Triple Threat” sales team

Combine classroom-based and online skills training to support every point of the customer conversation.
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