Best Sales Leadership Books 2018: Three Value Conversations 					The Three Value Conversations provides the tools and methods you need…

…to differentiate you and your solution from the competition, elevate value to the right decision maker, and maximize all sales opportunities across the entire long lead buying cycle.

Based on extensive research, the authors’ program enables salespeople to articulate value in three essential conversations with the customer: the Differentiation Conversation (creating value), the Justification Conversation (elevating the value to the right level of decision maker), and the Maximization Conversation (capturing that value and maximizing the size of your opportunities).

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Praise for The Three Value Conversations

A great conversation requires not only a strong story, but also the skills to deliver it. Three Value Conversations will help marketing—the story-builders—create the right message, and guide sales storytellers in using those messages to have unique, value-driven conversations with customers.”
–Eduardo Conrado, Chief Innovation Officer, Motorola Solutions

Too often we take for granted that salespeople should just know how to have a great customer conversation… after all, that’s why they are salespeople, right? But, being able to talk with customers and communicating value are two different things. Three Value Conversations does a great job providing concrete concepts to help salespeople purposefully practice and master their customer communications skills.”
– Juan Corsillo, senior vice president sales and marketing, United Rentals

If you’re facing the pressures of commoditization and loss of control in the selling process, the Three Value Conversations is a must read. The book offers a “next practice” approach that helps steer the conversation in a way that clearly differentiates your solution from the sea of alternatives and positions you to create, elevate and capture value to set you apart. Thank you Tim, Erik, Conrad and Cheryl for collaborating on such an important topic—this is book will make a difference!”
– Jim Ford, Executive vice president, TestAmerica Inc. and chairman of the Strategic Account Management Association

Procurement discussions are just that. The Three Value Conversations help us to have the right conversations, with the right people to drive the outcomes our customers want and we need, in order to drive the value that we are both seeking.”
– Nick Alfano, senior vice president and general manager – food and beverage north america, Ecolab, Inc.