webinar replay: initiate value – ignite your prospect’s interest and build qualified pipeline

Seventytwo percent of organizations cite pipeline generation as a critical business priority.

But building pipeline is harder than ever.

Your prospects are being inundated with contact requests, robocalls, and irrelevant sales
messages. It’s difficult to get their attention, let alone secure a sales meeting.

When sellers do manage to reach prospects, their approach isn’t sparking enough interest to
lead to a meeting. They lead with features and benefits, and they don’t understand the
challenges that shape their prospect’s decisions.

How can you ensure your sellers reach the right people, ask the right questions, and use the
right approach to engage your prospects?

In this webinar with Rob Perrilleon, SVP of Delivery Services at Corporate Visions, you’ll get
sciencebased principles and researchbacked techniques to:

Capture your prospect’s attention
Ignite their interest in the potential of your solution

Build a pipeline of qualified decision makers

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