E-book: The Expansion Sale

Four Must-Win Conversations to Keep and Grow Your Customers

Analysts estimate that existing customers now account for 70-80 percent of company revenue and profits. Yet, very little purposeful effort is put toward customer expansion as a growth engine.

In fact, almost 60 percent of B2B organizations don’t see any need to differentiate their customer expansion messaging from customer acquisition messaging. They simply use the same approach, regardless of the customer relationship.

But new research proves the buyer psychology in expansion situations is 180 degrees different than in acquisition situations. And if you don’t tailor your sales and marketing approach to meet these unique pressures and demands, you’re putting most of your revenue at risk.

Get the e-book to explore four proven messaging strategies needed to win these critical conversations with existing customers:

  • Why Stay – Renewing your customers
  • Why Pay More – Communicating price increases
  • Why Evolve – Convincing your customers to expand
  • Why Forgive – Regaining trust after a service failure

Don’t provoke your hard-won customers so much that you accidentally open the door for your competition. Get this e-book and learn the science of customer expansion.

Get the E-book

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