Webinar Replay: Conducting the Expansion Sale

redefining customer success as a linchpin for growth

Every part of the commercial enterprise plays an important role in driving revenue growth. But when you consider that 70-80 percent of the average company’s revenue comes from existing customers, one of the most underutilized roles is customer success.

Most customer success teams get tasked with driving utilization, resolving problems, reporting progress, and generally keeping customers happy. But this approach alone does both you and your customers a disservice.

Instead of spending so much time on value reinforcement, leading customer success teams work with sales to focus on value realization. They’re positioned as customer advocates and conductors for growth—orchestrating mutually beneficial renewal and expansion conversations between sellers and customers.

Don’t miss this on-demand webinar with Doug Hutton, SVP of Products at Corporate Visions, and Dr. Bryan Hochstein, behavioral scientist and Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Alabama, as they dig into:

  • Customer Success Done Right: The crucial role of customer success in a profitable commercial enterprise.
  • Value Realization: Why it’s vital for customer success to proactively articulate value to existing customers.
  • Orchestrating Growth: How sales and customer success can work together to facilitate retention and expansion conversations.

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