Webinar Replay: Securing Stable Customer Relationships in Unstable Times

Supply chain disruptions, corresponding shortages, and the “great resignation” of the labor market have led to an exceptionally arduous business environment.

As a result, many companies are in a bind—you need to win renewals and push through price increase conversations. But you can’t risk disrupting the health and longevity of customer relationships already strained by external factors.

How can you turn these difficult conversations into more loyal customers? How can you recover from unexpected service failures when the relationship is already unstable?

Find out in this webinar with Doug Hutton, SVP Products at Corporate Visions. You’ll learn the research-backed messages and skills you need to:

  • Document results to strengthen your customer relationships, maintain executive attention, and win more renewals.
  • Deliver a price increase message that’s scientifically tested to yield better results than most popular “best practices.”
  • Apologize effectively to give your customer relationships the best chance to recover and even improve their loyalty.

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