Checklist: Six Symptoms of the Need for Digital Transformation

is your sales approach holding your back?

Buyers are digitally savvy and well-informed. They’re also inundated with texts, robocalls, sales emails, and ads, so they’re hard to reach. And when you do reach them, they’re skeptical of anything that smells like a sales pitch.

You can no longer expect your buyers to pick up the phone and call you with questions. You need to reach them where they are—on digital channels—but you need to do it well.

While you might have made some adjustments to engage your buyers in a digital environment, it can be hard to tell if you have done enough.

How do you know if your organization needs to make changes to your approach?

Some common symptoms signal an urgent need for digital transformation. With this checklist, you can determine:

  • Is your sales team prepared to sell in a virtual setting?
  • Does your current tech stack help or hurt your sellers?
  • Do your existing processes still work in a digital environment?


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