webinar replay: how to captivate today’s buyers by unleashing the potential of your sales content

It’s a familiar scenario: Marketing diligently creates content for sales, only to find that sellers are not utilizing it effectively. In fact, studies suggest up to 80 percent of marketing content remains unused by sales teams. The reasons behind this phenomenon have spurred numerous theories and debates: 

 – Is the content misaligned with sellers’ needs? 

 – Are there inherent flaws in the messaging? 

 – Or is there a bias among sellers towards marketing as the messenger? 

Join us for a quick 20-minute session, June 20th at 11AM ET to learn how one simple tweak could increase double adoption and create a winning combination for your sales and marketing alignment. 

Gain insights into who should deliver content, how to make it resonate among sellers, and what drives the most impact for your revenue team.

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