Win the Moment with Just-in-Time Situational Enablement

You can’t plan for competitive moves, market changes, or global economic events, but they happen all the time. And when your revenue is on the line, you can’t wait six months or more to train and enable your organization to respond.

These urgent situations call for a faster, more flexible approach to commercial enablement—one that doesn’t depend on a long-term, “just-in-case” plan. You need to rally your team with a winning message, skills training, and enablement content to respond quickly and effectively—just in time.

what is situational enablement?

Our Situational Enablement programs are flexible and responsible sales enablement initiatives to address must-win business challenges and market opportunities.

At the core of Situational Enablement is the integration of Rapid Response Messaging, relevant content assets, situational skills training, and Fluency Coaching to enable your organization to respond in weeks (not months) to win your most critical revenue growth challenges.

Just-in-Time Online Training

Tailored, needs-based training based on KPIs that you can roll out in weeks, instead of months.

Rapid Response Messaging

Contextual messages and content that address urgent needs and opportunities.

Fluency Coaching

Tailored 1:1 coaching that leads to demonstrated, “fit for duty” skills proficiency.

drive situational enablement with buyer feedback

Situational enablement is about being reacting and pivoting quickly to outside forces that threaten your growth plans. Sometimes that means your approach isn’t hitting the mark with your buyers.

This happens more often than you might realize. According to real buyer feedback from over 100,000 purchase decisions, 53 percent lost deals could have been won if the seller had done something differently.

Getting actionable buyer feedback is the key to knowing how you can enable your team. If you gather buyer insights from every sales call, just like a fitness tracker captures vital stats in real time, you can track where your sellers need to make changes faster.