Webinar Replay: (Co-)Creating the Buying Vision for Change

Research shows that companies that “create a buying vision” in sales conversations are selected three out of four times, while the one that shows up for a competitive bake-off only has a one-in-four chance.

How do you inspire your buyers to see the need to change—to do something different? How can your sales reps create a compelling buying vision, especially in today’s virtual selling environment?

Find the answers in this webinar replay with Somersault Innovations’ Ashley Welch, a leading expert in bringing Design Thinking to sales teams to drive growth, and Corporate Visions’ Tim Riesterer, a leading expert in training sales teams to communicate change messaging with winning conversations.

Learn how you can:

  • Unlock the power of Design Thinking to help your sales teams drive more creative buyer interactions that lead to co-developed solutions.
  • Tell more powerful stories that overcome Status Quo Bias and help your prospects see the need to change and choose you.
  • Do this just as effectively—if not more impactfully—in a virtual selling environment.

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