webinar replay: artificial intelligence – the view from the c-suite and what’s next

AI is the biggest technological breakthrough of the 21st century. In a recent study, half of CEOs say they have started using AI in their company’s products and services, and 43 percent stated they’re using AI to make strategic decisions.   

And while CEOs see AI as the most important technology in a generation, 57 percent have serious concerns about data security. 

AI is not new, so the recent generative AI explosion, led by ChatGPT, might leave you wondering, “Why now?”  

In this session, Jim Druckrey, former President and COO at multiple companies and current leader of the Executive Practice, and Mark Chakravarty, Executive Consultant at Corporate Visions, will separate “AI hype” from reality with a focus on what sellers and marketers need to know now. 

You’ll get their expert insights on:   

  • How to quickly gain critical fluency with generative AI to apply to your customer relationships.
  • Which industries and functions will be most heavily impacted and what this means for sellers and marketers.
  • Resources to accelerate your own learning relative to AI fluency to help you keep up with the exponential pace of change. 

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